frankenpine / monopine / monopalm

frankenpine / monopine / monopalm  = getarnter Handymast {m} [bes. als Kiefer bzw. Palme]


Can you spot the difference? A "frankenpalm" specimen from Tucson, Arizona (from Wikipedia)

A “frankenpine” is a cell tower camouflaged to look like something else, e.g., a steeple or a pine tree (hence the name). A less gruesome term is “monopine”, a portmonteau of  “monopole” and pine.  In hotter places that have palm trees, these are often mimicked for the purpose, the result is called a “monopalm”. A website dedicated to the topic claims that 25% of all American cell towers are camouflaged as trees (

As far as I’m aware, this method hasn’t been tried in any German-speaking country, so they don’t even have a word for it. 😉 However, their cell antennas are often hidden in existing tall structures, most commonly steeples.

“Einen als Baum getarnten Antennenmast nennen die Amerikaner in der Umgangssprache auch “frankenpine“. Ob dieses Wortspiel nun eher für “fake pine” [falsche Kiefer] steht oder ob es sich dabei um eine Zusammensetzung der Worte “Frankenstein” und “Pine” zu “FrankenPine” handelt, konnte ich aber noch nicht herausfinden.”

    It’s definitely a portmanteau of “pine” and “Frankenstein”, with the connotations of both artificiality and monstrosity.


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