sos ogrodowy

sos {m} ogrodowy = Gartenkräuter-Dressing {f}

“Sos ogrodowy” (literally, “garden sauce” or “Gartensoße”) has 669 Google hits. As this is always a sauce for salads, the fancier term Dressing is called for. “Gartendressing” (26 hits) feels off somehow; you can’t go wrong with “Gartenkräuter-Dressing”, with 11,900 hits and references to leading manufacturers such as “Knorr” and “Maggi”. For the Polish market, Knorr calls this product “Sos Sałatkowy ‘Zioła Ogrodowe'” (“Salad Sauce ‘Garden Herbs'”, 56 hits), by the way. No idea why the discrepancy between the German and Polish Google results is that huge.


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