Platzhirsch {m} [z.B. marktbeherrschendes Unternehmen] = 800 lb. gorilla [e.g., a dominating company, etc.]

You can never have too many choices for the ever-elusive Platzhirsch, and most of the time 800 lb. gorilla fits the bill just fine:

  • “An overbearing entity in a specific industry or sphere of activity. A seemingly unbeatable presence always to be reckoned with; whose experience, influence, and skill threatens to defeat competitors with little effort. In the software industry, Microsoft [see below] would be considered the 800-pound gorilla. The New York Yankees or Manchester United might be considered the 800-pound gorillas of their respective sports.”
  • “one that is dominating or uncontrollable because of great size or power <like it or not, the 800-pound gorilla usually sets the standard — Daya Nadamuni>”
  • “”800 lb gorilla” is an American English expression for person or organization so large or powerful that it can pursue its own purposes without the slightest regard to the needs or desires of others, social conventions, or even the rule of law.  It is based on the idea that a gorilla is so mighty and powerful that it can do anything it
  • “Werden hingegen Unternehmen, Institutionen oder Produkte als Platzhirsch bezeichnet, so möchte man eher deren führende, etablierte, oft aber auch erdrückende Marktstellung beschreiben.” [compare this with exhibit #1]

To illustrate this, 34,200 ghits call Microsoft a Platzhirsch. As in “… “führt kein Weg am Platzhirsch Microsoft vorbei.”


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