organizm {m} (człowieka) = the (human) body
dla Twojego organizmu = for your health

… not “the human organism“. (Unless in scientific papers: “part of the poison is converted into chloride in the human organism and part is quickly exhaled during respiration” is fine. )


  • “Na temat rekordów ludzkiej wytrzymałości powstało wiele mitów. Tygodnik ‘New Scientist’ postanowił zebrać prawdziwe dane dotyczące granic, do jakich może posunąć się organizm człowieka.”
  • “Alveo – idealne dla Twojego organizmu” (Note how this text uses organizm and zdrowia (“health”) interchangeably throughout.)
  • “My organism. As in: Mountain air is good for your organism. I do not have an organism and neither do any other English-speaking people. I’m no scientist but I’m pretty sure an organism is something unpleasant that lives in your shower drain. […] The word you are looking for is ‘body’ or, possibly, ‘health.’”

NB: German uses Organismus much the same way as Polish uses organizm. The same error can (and therefore often does, as Murphy’s Law requires) occur in translations from German into English, whereas this is actually a “free ride” when translating between Polish and German.


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